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Your Skin is Amazing! That's a fact. It is the largest human organ and it represents about 15% of your body weight. It is vitally important that take good care of it. The problem is that we usually don't realise this until we are a little bit older (and sometimes wiser). When we are in our youth our skin is just there, lovely, young and vibrant. Maybe we used to enjoy a more active social life, plenty of late nights and perhaps a touch too much to drink. Or maybe we over used sunbeds and didn't think we needed to use sun protection while on holiday or at any other time. Also we might have considered drinking tea, coffee, fizzy drinks and alcohol on a regular basis as sufficient re-hydration. There are so many factors that will have an impact on your skin, it would be almost impossible (and a little boring) if we tried to prevent them all. Thankfully there are now some amazing treatments that can reverse the damage caused by our environment and slow down the signs of ageing.


Discover everything you need to know about what our incredible Skin Rejuvenation treatment can do for YOU. The secret to how YOU can achieve impressive real world results is because WE use the Gold Standard, NHS Approved Lynton Excelight. The treatment causes very mild, reversible thermal damage to the epidermis, your skin then acts to repair this by increasing the rate of collagen and elastin production deep within the dermis. With just a few safe and effective treatments YOU will start to notice a big difference to the tone and texture of your skin. You skin will feel softer and smoother, there will be less visible pores, more uniform in colour and generally healthier feeling skin. As an added bonus, YOU may also notice some fine lines and wrinkles may improve or be removed completely. To achieve the best results possible for your skin, we generally recommend 3 - 6 treatments carried out every 2 -6 weeks, depending on the treatment plan you desire.

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Our Expertise

We provide a comfortable, clean and inviting environment for clients to receive treatment. It is important to us that our customers understand the treatment process and are comfortable at every stage.

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